Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins The Boys for Season 4

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has officially joined the cast for Season 4 of The Boys.

We recently received news that Season 4 of The Boys had begun filming. Now, we have confirmation of a new cast member, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Showrunner, Eric Kripke, shared a picture of him with other cast members, including Jack Quaid and Karl Urban.

Morgan is known for playing Negan on The Walking Dead. He also appeared in Supernatural, Watchmen and Grey’s Anatomy.

The tweet from Kripke said “Welcome to the fam, Morgan. We’re all so psyched to have you!” He also stated that the picture is from the upcoming Season 4, which they’re currently filming.

We don’t currently know what role Morgan is playing in The Boys. Some fans of the comics are theorising that it could be “Tek Knight”, one of the major characters from the comics who has yet to appear in the show. Unlike many of the supes in The Boys, he doesn’t have superpowers and relies on technology similar to Iron Man.

More Season 4 Characters

We’ll just have to wait and see what role he ends up playing. We do know a couple new characters coming to Season 4 though – Sister Sage played by Susan Heyward and Firecracker played by Valorie Curry. We’re not sure how they’ll fit into the story yet.

And Homelander’s son Ryan is reportedly getting a bigger role in Season 4. Cameron Crovetti, Ryan’s actor, has been promoted to a series regular. We can probably expect him to be showing up a lot more – especially after that Season 3 ending.

But what about Soldier Boy? Will he make a reappearance in Season 4?

Jensen Ackles replied to the season 4 filming announcement by saying “Pour me a double. I’m on my way.” This seems to be hinting that he’ll be showing up again at some point. Let’s hope he makes another appearance in the next season.

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Source: Jeffrey Dean Morgan via Twitter