Karl Urban wants to play Judge Dredd again

Karl Urban has expressed his desire to reprise his role as Judge Dredd.

The actor took on the role of Dredd in the film of the same name back in 2012. Fans appreciated the take on the character, but the film itself didn’t perform too well at the box office. As a result, the film has become seen as somewhat underrated when it comes to comic book adaptations.

One thing’s for sure though, Karl Urban definitely made his mark on the role. People are still asking him about whether he’ll return to the role, and as it turns out, he’s interested. The actor revealed his thoughts on the possibility of returning in a new interview with GQ.

Urban on returning to Dredd

Urban said “I certainly would be interested to revisit the character. There’s such a great depth of material there that was created by John Wagner and various writers over the years, particularly the stories revolving around Judge Death and lots of great stories. To me it doesn’t bother me if I get the opportunity to play Dredd again or if it’s someone else. I just want to see those stories.”

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It seems like Urban has a real appreciation for the character, so much so that he doesn’t care who gets to play him as long as there are more stories being told. That’s a pretty cool approach to the question, though it’s clear he wouldn’t mind returning.

In the interview with GQ, Urban also breaks down various other characters he played throughout his career.

He talks about what it’s like to work on The Boys, including how much of it is a collaborative process where the best ideas from the team always win. He also discusses working on Lord of the Rings, Thor: Ragnarok, Star Trek, and more.

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Source: GQ