Keanu Reeves Never Played Cyberpunk 2077, Despite CDPR Claiming He ‘Loved’ It

It’s been revealed that Keanu Reeves has never played Cyberpunk 2077. Despite CDPR claiming that he “loved it.”

It was reported last year that during an earnings call, that CDPR CEO Adam Kiciński told investors that Keanu Reeves has “played the game”, but stated that as far as he knows, he“[hasn’t] finished it yet.” Furthermore, the CEO reportedly added that the Hollywood star has “played the game and he loves it.

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However, during an interview with The Verge promoting the new Matrix movie with Carrier-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves revealed that despite starring in the game, he’s never played Cyberpunk 2077. Additionally, he doesn’t even play video games. At best, Keanu stated that in terms of his Cyberpunk 2077 indulgence, he’s only “seen demonstrations” of the game. Ouch!

During the same interview, the topic of those questionable mods which allowed players to have some TLC with Keanu was also brought up in conversation. The mods in question were removed by CDPR, however, it seems that Keanu doesn’t mind that they exist.

The Matrix Neo
Credit: Warner Bros.

Aww, that’s always nice,” said a grinning Keanu when referring to those sweet loving mods. So, there you go, Keanu might not have played Cyberpunk 2077, but he doesn’t mind those players having their own unique experiences with the game.

What are your thoughts on the alleged false claims from CDPR? Let us know across our social media channels. Personally, I don’t mind. Mr Anderson, sorry, Mr Reeves will always be breath-taking to me.

YouTube video

The Matrix Resurrections releases in Canadian theatres on December 16th, then the 22nd for the UK and the US.

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