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Kickstarter For Premium Gaming Magazine [Lock-On] Nears Its Goal

A new gaming journal aiming to offer insights and essays on the world of gaming is nearing its Kickstarter goal.

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Credit: Lost in Cult

[lock-on] is a “premium gaming journal delivering thought-provoking stories, insightful features and carefully curated art from industry talent.” Available in both ebook and physical formats, [lock-on] will focus on the importance of video game preservation.

Over on Kickstarter, the team behind [lock-on], Lost in Cult, says the following:

lock on
Credit: Lost in Cult

In what we hope is the first in a long line of products and services that the Lost in Cult team will create, we present to you [lock-on] Volume 1. For so long now, we have wanted to create a video game journal centred around all things gaming, pop culture and art.

Our inaugural issue is focused on the past, present and future of the PlayStation™, all whilst featuring thought-provoking and insightful content about current affairs and the wider gaming sphere. Our aim is to deliver on our promise of a collectible product that has both quality and design at the forefront of all we do.

Through our experiences in and around the industry, we have carefully selected and curated a list of content creators promoting inclusivity and representation who will be sharing their talents through as part of an amazing portfolio of work, including:

  • Unique long-form features with cultural, artistic, and sociopolitical themes
  •  Fascinating case-studies into all facets of gaming 
  • Exclusive interviews with leading industry professionals
  •  Thematic retrospectives with thoughtful critical analysis.

[lock-on] Volume 1 has a range of talented writers and content creators on board, including John Linneman of Digital Foundry, YouTuber Adam Koralik, and Ryan Brown of Super Rare Games.

GameByte’s very own Lara Jackson is also set to contribute a feature article should [lock-on] reach full funding. Other names you might recognise include content creator SightlessKombat, who we spoke with last year.

Find out more about [lock-on] and help the project reach its Kickstarter goal today, and follow Lost in Cult on Twitter for more updates!

Featured Image Credit: Lost in Cult