Oops! All leaks.

Last Of Us Standalone Multiplayer Game May Be Announced This Year

A new leak might have provided some clarity on what we can expect from The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer game.

The Last Of Us Part 2 came out almost two years ago now, and fans have been waiting for some kind of update on the multiplayer only game ever since. Updates have been few and far between, but we do know that it’s in development at least.

Now, according to Oops Leaks, we might have a bit more information on where The Last Of Us multiplayer game is at. According to the leaks focused account, the game was planned as a battle royale but ultimately got rebooted. And now it’s apparently described “as a mix of Tarkov and Division with additional modes inspired by the original Factions MP.” 


The tweet also says it will be a single-player-like experience but in an online game. While also being free-to-play, releasing on PS5 first, with PC further down the line. Further tweets compared it to another online game called The Day Before. And Oops Leaks also notes that it is planned as a “flagship [PlayStation] live service.” They also expect it to be announced some time this year, with a release early next year.

Interestingly, Oops Leaks goes on to share a another bit of information. There’s supposedly a new Naughty Dog IP in development. The Last Of Us director Neil Druckmann is not involved according to the tweet, and it has a fantasy setting. It’s also supposedly in full production. Of course as always, it’s better to be sceptical about this leak than outright trust it.


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Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog