Levi’s & Nintendo’s Mario Collection Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Iconic jeans brand, Levi’s, has partnered with Nintendo to bring us the finest garb this side of the Mushroom Kingdom. Teasing the upcoming collaboration in celebration of Mario Day on March 10, the companies shared some images of what we can expect to see.

The full line of clothing will be dropping on April 1, and it’s not likely to be sticking around for long. If you’re after a piece of history, you best act fast!

Credit: Levi’s

(Thankfully, I can confirm this is a 100% legit collaboration and not an April Fool’s joke).

As you can see in the images, the collection seems to boast everything from the classic Levi’s shorts to jackets and pants, all designed with the super-bright Super Mario characters in mind.

There also appears to be some slightly more subtle designs, including a Levi’s white tee featuring Mario, a jean jacket and a pair of dungarees.

Oddly enough, people are calling for Levi’s and Nintendo to only feature campaign models who have the name Mario which is, um, definitely a unique way to celebrate the launch.

It’s a good time to be a Mario fan, as Mar10 (geddit?) has been designated the worldwide day to celebrate everyone’s favourite moustachioed plumber.

Earlier this year, Nintendo offered an update on the upcoming new Super Mario Bros. movie, confirming it’s still on track for a 2022 release.

Credit: Levi’s

In a statement, the company confirmed the following: “The motion picture project that we are developing in partnership with Illumination, is one of the bigger examples of such projects that we are undertaking. As we have shared previously, production is moving along smoothly aiming for a theatrical release in 2022.”

Meanwhile, Super Nintendo’s first theme park is set to open in Japan in the coming month. Hopefully coronavirus won’t slow the opening down…

Featured Image Credit: Levi’s