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Madden 21 is now the worst user-reviewed game on Metacritic

This year’s iteration of EA’s Madden game has faced a baptism of fire since its release, now boasting the lowest user-rated score on Metacritic.

In just a few days, Playstation 4 users have blasted the game down to a 0.3 rating, based on more than 2,500 reviews.

The game doesn’t fare much better on Xbox One or PC either, sitting at 0.6 and 1.4 respectively. To its credit, users on Steam have been a little kinder, with the game receiving a ‘mixed’ score.


Complaints stem from range of issues, including buggy gameplay and a lack of innovation in comparison to last year’s version.

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“Absolutely horrible game. Madden 21 franchise mode is EXACTLY the same as last year’s mode.” One review reads. “Madden has always neglected Franchise mode but this year it is really horrific. The game has no fun factor since it was just a big roster update.” says another.

It’s worth pointing out, that with any sports franchise game, due to it having a concrete set of rules when it comes to gameplay, it’s not so straightforward in terms of getting super-creative like other games can.


That being said EA has faced complaints for a few years now, over their handling of franchise and story modes on their sport releases. Last year they were criticised after gamers spotted advertising banners that had presumably been lifted straight from the previous game.

Featured image credit: EA