Man of Medan and Little Hope gets game-changing new gen updates

The Dark Pictures Anthology’s Man of Medan and Little Hope gets a free game-changing update on new-gen consoles and PC.

Developed by Supermassive Games, Man of Medan was first released in 2019 with Little Hope arriving the year later.

Described as an interactive drama, Supermassive brings its signature form of storytelling with a heavy helping of horror.

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Man of Medan and Little Hope get some love

The most recent release in the Anthology so far, House of Ashes, benefitted from being the third release in the series.

Not only did it look better on new-gen consoles, but the power of hindsight enabled Supermassive to make various gameplay tweaks and improvements over its predecessors.

man of medan little hope
Credit: Supermassive Games

In preparation for the fourth instalment of the Anthology with The Devil in Me, I actually replayed Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes.

However, after playing House of Ashes, as well as The Quarry more recently, it was clear to see that Man of Medan and Little Hope were lacking a little behind their successors.

Thankfully, Supermassive Games has now released a free update that brings both Man of Medan and Little Hope more in line with House of Ashes, as well as the forthcoming The Devil in Me. 

man of medan little hope update
Credit: Supermassive Games

The free updates add a new difficulty level and QTE settings as well as improved UI, increased walking speed, more accessibility options and even a new chapter for Man of Medan.

Here are the improvements courtesy of the free updates:

  • New difficulty settings & QTE warnings,
  • Improved UI & interactions,
  • Updated bearing art as well as event triggers,
  • Increased walking speeds,
  • More accessibility options, including subtitle sizing,
  • Additional Bonus for Man of Medan: discover a previously unseen chapter called “Flooded”, introducing new gameplay and new deaths to the climactic ending of the game.
man of medan little hope update
Credit: Supermassive Games

How do I download the free updates?

For PC, the updates will be added by just updating the game. Hopefully, the game may have even updated automatically while you were away.

The same games for Xbox Series X|S. It’s just a simple case of updating the game via Smart Delivery. 

For PS5, you can download the new-gen versions either via the PS Store directly or by selecting the new-gen versions via your game library.

In case you were wondering, I’ve just checked and despite allowing you to transfer PS4 data, your PS4 Trophies will not crossover.

the devil in me
Credit: Supermassive Games

When is The Devil in Me release date?

The Devil in Me releases on November 18 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

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Featured Image Credit: Supermassive Games/Source: Bandai Namco