Mario Kart 9 Might Feature Some New Familiar Nintendo Mascots

According to a leak, the next Mario Kart will introduce a new face not seen in the series before. Zippo, who’s been reliable for Nintendo leads in the past, has stated that the game will feature Star Fox amongst many other characters. 

Zippo provides information for a number of current Nintendo projects, but also talks about the new Mario Kart. It will supposedly be titled Mario Kart X, and feature the biggest roster and selection of cars to date. 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Mario Kart’s release, so it makes sense that Nintendo would want to celebrate it in a big way. 

Arms and Pikmin will also appear alongside Star Fox as new characters. Star Fox, which is one of Nintendo’s oldest IPs, has not appeared in a Mario Kart game. Players could unlock a star Fox costume for their Mii characters in Mario Kart 8. However, Mario Kart X could be the first time the interstellar fighter pilot appears in the series. 

YouTube video

Zippo believes this will be one of Nintendo’s biggest releases, so they expect the company to make a big deal over this. Nintendo could release it before the end of the next fiscal year, which means we would likely see an announcement this year, potentially during E3. 

The leaker also discusses several of Nintendo’s other projects. They believe the much awaited sequel for Breath Of The Wild is on track to release this November. Nintendo will supposedly reveal a lot more info about the game around E3, during a Nintendo Direct. It looks like we’ll also see more of the Mario movie soon rather than later, with a trailer that shows off artwork and concepts at the first major Nintendo Direct of the year. 

There may also be a new Mario sports game. Nintendo will likely want to capitalise on the release of Mario Golf, that was received well by critics. Zippo believes the game will be a baseball title developed by Bandai Namco. 

Elsewhere, Xbox is celebrating it’s back catalogue with a sale that features over one hundred Xbox and Xbox 360 games. 


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[Featured Image Credit: Nintendo]