Xbox Is Having A Massive Backwards Compatibility Sale This Week

Xbox has launched a big backwards compatibility sale on the Xbox store on some of its consoles. You can access this sale via Xbox Series X/S, One or 360’s online marketplaces.

One of Xbox’s strongest features through the last two generations is its commitment to backwards compatibility. The Xbox One and the Series X/S both play games from the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, a number of which are currently on sale on the digital store. 

There are currently over 100 games that have been discounted as part of Xbox’s backwards compatibility sale. Notable titles include Binary Domain, Darksiders, Fable Anniversary, the Gears Of War trilogy and Sonic Generations, all of which benefit from Microsoft’s FPS Boost technology. 

The sale will last until January 25th, and all games are available to purchase on both the Xbox One and the Series X/S. This is a great opportunity for players new to Microsoft’s eco system to see where it all started, or for more experienced players to revisit some old classics. Be sure to check it out for yourself if you fancy some nice older games to get into.

In other news, Microsoft recently confirmed that it has bought Activision-Blizzard in a surprising new acquisition. Xbox will have control over the controversial publisher’s popular titles including Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, and more.

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[Featured Image Credit: Microsoft]