Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Pre-Order Is Available From £44.95

The beloved Mario Strikers series is back. After 15 long years since the last game on Wii, the third title in the trilogy is coming onto Nintendo Switch on 10 June 2022 –  Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. In fact, you can pre-order Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for £44.95 on Nintendo Switch right now and get a free poster!

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What is Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is a 5 v 5 is a chaotic dive into the world of football/soccer. You’ll be familiar with the aim of the game – pass the ball around and shoot into the other team’s goal to score points. Where Mario Strikers differs, however, is off-the-wall gameplay you’ll need to manoeuvre for a truly epic football experience. 

Anything goes when you’re on the pitch! Coordinate crashing tackles, turn the tide with Mario-esque items, epic Hyper-Strikes to increase your score even higher to add to the carnage. 

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Credit: Nintendo

With a full cast of Mario characters to choose from, you can equip your Strikers with a custom loadout of gear – tailoring the attributes of your team to the strategy you’ve got to hand. With the coins you unlock during matches, you can buy more gear, and optimise your team’s stats even further. Combining these sports-RPG elements whilst teamworking with up to 8 friends – also taking part in the online Strikers Club mode, you’ll be able to climb up the divisions and become the best of the best. 

Where Can You Buy Mario Strikers: Battle League Football 

You can pre-order Mario Strikers: Battle League Football from only £44.95 on Nintendo at the GameByte Shop, where you’ll even get a free poster!

What’s more, for every £1 you spend after signing up, you’ll start to build up GameByte Loyalty Points, which you can later redeem for even more discounts. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • 100 Loyalty Points just for signing up.
  • 30 Loyalty Points for every £1 you spend
  • 50 Loyalty Points each for sharing and liking on Twitter and Facebook
  • 50 Loyalty Points each for following on Instagram and Twitter
  • 200 bonus Loyalty Points on your birthday
  • Get £1 off a future order for every 400 points you redeem

Are you excited for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football? What’s your favourite soccer/football game? Let us know on our socials like our Twitter or Discord server.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo