Mario Strikers’ first free update adds fan favourite character

Nintendo announced the first free update to Mario Strikers: Battle League, which brings with it new playable characters.

Just over one month since its initial release, Nintendo and Next Level’s Mario Strikers: Battle League is receiving its first free update. The update will be available to download this Friday. Bringing with it playable characters Princess Daisy and Shy Guy, along with some new cosmetics! 

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Mario Strikers: Battle League – 1st Free Update – Nintendo Switch

Daisy joins Mario Strikers: Battle League as a technique-based player, making intercepting the ball from her during matches a challenge. She can summon flowers to the pitch as part of her special Super Strike move. Which can hurl opponents into the sky, giving her easy access to scoring a goal.

Joining Daisy in the game is everyone’s favourite cute little guy, Shy Guy! Shy Guy is a more rounded player, with all his stats being fairly average. You’ll have to make use of gear sets to make the most of what he can do on the pitch! His Super Strike move involves hurling himself toward players, while he’s spinning in the air. Decimating everyone in his path.

The new characters aren’t all that’s coming this Friday, as there’s a new Knight-inspired gear set that your players can wear to increase their strength and shooting. And a new stadium, Desert Ruin, will be coming to the game too. Which you can use for quick matches or set as your club stadium.

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Two More Free Updates To Come!

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Credit: Nintendo.

The new update will be available this Friday and is the first of a 3 planned wave of free DLC. The waves will be coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League before the end of 2022.

This iteration of Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Switch is still missing out on characters like Bowser Jr and Petey Piranha. They were playable within Mario Strikers Charged for the Nintendo Wii. But there’s a chance they could be included within the next waves of free content gaming to the game. We’ll have to wait and see, as Nintendo has made no further announcements on when we can expect the rest of the free updates to arrive.

Many fans were upset characters like Daisy weren’t included in the base game, but just over one month later, she’s here!

Let’s hope that Daisy, Shy Guy and the next waves of DLC will give fans, and Nintendo, reasons to keep supporting Mario Strikers: Battle League. Other Mario sports games, like Mario Golf: Super Rush, seem to be almost forgotten.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo. Source: YouTube.

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