Microsoft lay off 10k employees will impact Xbox and Bethesda

Microsoft lay off 10,000 employees, and unfortunately, it will have a direct impact on both Xbox as well as Bethesda.

As reported by VGC, earlier this week, Microsoft announced plans to lay off around 4.5% of its 220,000 workforce. Which amounts to approximately 10,000 members of staff. As a direct ripple effect, it will have an impact on divisions related to Xbox and Bethesda.

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Is the Microsoft lay offs a timely coincidence?

Interestingly, Microsoft’s announcement to cut 10,000 of its employees comes one year to the day when the company made the first steps to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. Is this a timely coincidence or was it intentional?

A report from Business Insider claimed that Microsoft was deliberately targeting employees in some parts of the company who were believed to be underperforming.

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Credit: 343 Industries

Furthermore, according to a report from Bloomberg, the job losses will have an impact on 343 Industries, the developers of Halo Infinite, as well as the HoloLens and other engineering divisions.

What’s more, Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier collaborated with reports from Lords of Gaming that 343 had suffered “significant” layoffs including employees “working on the single player side of the studio.

Microsoft lay off staff from Xbox, Bethesda and more

Sadly, the news doesn’t stop there. Kotaku reports that the current Gears of War studio, The Coalition has also lost staff due to the Microsoft cuts.

On Twitter, not only did some former employees of 343 confirm their release, but so did those of Bethesda. “I was just laid off today as part of the Microsoft changes,” tweeted ZeniMax community manager for The Elder Scrolls Online, Sam Luangkhot.

Well, it happened! Today, I was laid off from Bethesda Softworks as a result of the Microsoft layoffs, so I’m now back on the market,” posted former Bethesda associate PR manager, Renee Sogueco on Linkedin.

We hope everyone lands on their feet soon

Obviously, there are a lot more individuals that lost their jobs. So, everyone impacted by the Microsoft cuts, whether they’re related to Xbox, Bethesda or another division, we all hope that you land an amazing job as soon as possible.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Source: Business Insider/VGC/LoG/Bloomberg/Kotaku