Minecraft looks amazing!

Minecraft Is Rolling Out Ray-Tracing For Xbox Series X/S

Finally, it seems that the long-awaited Minecraft ray-tracing update is being rolled out for Xbox Series X/S. Happy days!

Back in 2019, a fan-made ray-traced texture pack made Minecraft look amazing. Somehow, they managed to add realism to a game that was never intended to look real. Then the following year, NVIDIA released its own real-time ray-tracing update and it looked incredible.

YouTube video

However, the amazing ray-tracing updates for Minecraft were only available for PC. So, Minecraft fans have been wondering, when will console fans be treated to a ray-tracing update? Thankfully, it seems like that wait might soon be over.


Minecraft has never looked so good

As spotted by the senior editor at The Verge, Tom Warren, Minecraft’s Xbox Preview programme now features the option to toggle ray-racing. However, this apparent update is only available to Xbox Insider members and it’s only currently being rolled out to select accounts.

We can’t wait for this update!

While this update isn’t readily available just yet and it might be several months away from general release, it’s exciting news for Minecraft fans, nonetheless. Heck, it’s even got me tempted to fire up Minecraft to see how good it looks.

Are you a member of the Minecraft preview program and are you excited that the ray-tracing update is finally getting closer to being released? Let us know how excited you are across our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Mojang