Modder Restores Epic Cut “Snake Ball” Boss Fight in Bloodborne

A modder has restored an epic “Snake Ball” boss fight that was originally removed from FromSoftware’s PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

If Snake Ball looks even more familiar to you, then it’s likely that you’ve encountered it before in Bloodborne. However, it was quite a standard enemy and was never officially released as a big bad boss.

As reported by Game Rant, YouTuber and talented modder Fox Hooligans restored this slippery boss fight after the Snake Ball data was discovered in the Bloodborne source files. In fact, Snake Ball was first discovered a few years ago, but now it’s back and looking even better than before.

In the three-minute video uploaded to YouTube, you can tell that the animations and some textures weren’t quite completed for Snake Ball.

However, Foxy Hooligans has worked wonders adding their own touches of animations and textures to Snake Ball, so much so that the boss does not look out of place.

Credit: Sony/FromSoftware

Despite not being fully developed, it’s clear from the footage that Snake Ball could have made for not only an epic boss fight but also an unnerving one too, especially for those with a fear of snakes.

In the description of the YouTube video, Foxy Hooligan states “this boss is/was very broken. Lots of work ahead,” indicating that the work on restoring Snake Ball is a work-in-progress. So hopefully a few months from now, Snake Ball will look and move even better than it does now.

YouTube video

Could Snake Ball feature in the rumoured Blooborne remaster?

There is a rich history of modders discovering and restoring new enemies and boss battles with FromSoftware titles. Recently there have been more rumours on the Bloodborne remaster for the PS5. So how awesome would it be if FromSoftware were to officially restore much of this lost content?

At the end of the video, Snake Ball reveals that it is more than worthy of its place in Bloodborne lore as it swallows the Hunter whole, revealing the infamous “YOU DIED” death screen.

Would you have liked to have seen Snake Ball in the official release of Bloodborne? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/FromSoftware