You Can Now Slay Dragons In Skyrim As Ash From The Evil Dead

Are you itching to play the recently announced Evil Dead: The Game? Well, thanks to a collection of Skyrim mods, you can transform the classic RPG into an uncanny Evil Dead experience.

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That’s right, thanks to the power of modding, you can now take down the dragons of Skyrim as Ash from the Evil Dead. By installing the Ash Voice Pack, players can play as the horror classic’s mouthy hero, who just so happens to have 175 lines of high fidelity dialogue. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear Bruce Campbell trash talk a dragon?

If that isn’t groovy enough for you, there’s also an additional mod that transforms the game into a short Evil Dead scenario. Not only will you be able to visit the film’s Knowby Cabin, but you’ll also get to hack up Deadites using a chainsaw, which is somewhat mandatory.

Skyrim Evil Dead
Credit: Nexusmods/ff7legend

So, what if you just want Ash Williams to be your badass buddy? Well, there’s a mod for that! Thanks to the Ash Williams – Evil Dead Follower mod, you can add the iconic character into the game as a companion. Of course, if you prefer some context to your crossover gags, then you’ll also want to install the Necronomicon Book of the Evil Dead mod, which explains how Ash got to Nirn in the first place.

If you’re a Skyrim regular with a soft spot for cheesy horror movies, you should probably give these mods a try. Failing that, you’ll have to wait for the official game’s release to get your Evil Dead fix.

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Featured Image Credit: Boss Team Games / Bethesda