Modern Warfare Dev Responds To Ninja’s Complaints About Gunfight

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins isn’t exactly known for keeping his opinions to himself, and his recent comments on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have caught the attention of one of the game’s developers.

Ninja recently took to his huge Twitter platform to sound off against Modern Warfare’s Gunfight game mode.

Credit: Ninja

The Fortnite pro tweeted: “I feel like Gunfight was one of the best game modes to grace FPS in the last decade. It’s really unfortunate that Activision is making so many ridiculous unnecessary changes to the game mode.”

With nearly 40k likes, it was only a matter of time before an Infinity Ward dev responded.

David Mickner, a multiplayer designer at Infinity Ward, responded to the tweet with the promise that “normal Gunfight” will be back in the game soon.

Ninja replied with a simple: “I love you.” Fair, to be honest.

Gunfight mode is the one-life, 2v2 mode that’s a new entry to the longstanding CoD franchise. Though great, it definitely has its flaws, and Ninja here is likely referring to the OSP mode of Gunfight, which spawns you into the map without any weapons.

Credit: Activision

Hopefully we’ll get to see the return of “normal” Gunfight mode sooner rather than later!

In other Call of Duty news, Modern Warfare recently got itself a brand-spanking-new update (December 18) and though fans were eager for the new maps and game mode, it’s sadly left a bitter taste in lots of players’ mouths.

The much-loved Shipment map, first made popular in the days of Call of Duty 4, is now in the 2019 Modern Warfare, but if you’re an expert player then it’s pretty much unplayable.

Credit: Activision

The map, known for its tight quarters and fast action, is suffering from pretty terrible spawning issues right now, and thanks to the map size, you’re pretty much dead again the second you spawn.

There’s no word yet from Activision or Infinity Ward in response to the. backlash, but if you thought spawning was already an issue in Modern Warfare then you might want to give Shipment a miss for now…

Featured Image Credit: Activision