Need For Speed 3 Has Been Remastered In Unreal Engine 5

Someone has ported Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit into Unreal Engine 5, and it’s looking incredibly good.

While we know that there might be a new Need For Speed in development, we don’t know when it might come out.

The rumour currently suggests that it’s coming out in time for Christmas, but considering it hasn’t been announced yet, that might not happen. Though we might not need it after all, as a fan has managed to port Need For Speed 3 into Unreal Engine 5.

YouTube video

who made this need for speed 3 port?

Made by Dávid Kerekes, the project involves porting the original Need For Speed 3 levels into Unreal Engine 5. And they look seriously incredible. According to Kerekes, for the 3D conversion, he used various Need For Speed modding tools, as well as the software Houdini.

While all the textures have that classic low-detailed PS1 style look, it’s the lighting engine that really makes it shine. The lighting is absolutely gorgeous, with ray tracing being used to create some incredibly natural lighting on some retro graphics.

In the description of the video, Kerekes said that two levels he showed off in the video, Hometown and Atlantica, are the current working levels. Implying that he is working on other levels from the original game too. 

It’s pretty incredible to see how much lighting from a modern gameplay engine can add to the aesthetic of a PS1 game. Kerekes hasn’t said anything about if he’s going to release a playable build of this port. But we sure hope he does.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ Dávid Kerekes