Hogwarts Legacy Officially Reveals Hogsmeade Village Location

Hogwarts Legacy has officially unveiled a closer look at what Hogsmeade Village looks like in-game.

For the Harry Potter fans out there wondering what Hogwarts Legacy’s interpretation of Hogsmeade Village looks like, you’re in luck. On the official YouTube channel for the game, a 20-minute video has shown a closer look at the location.

YouTube video


Titled “Hogwarts Legacy – A Rainy Spring Night [ASMR] [4K]”, the series of clips is designed to induce the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response of the body, an intense but pleasurable tingling sensation in the head and neck, coming as a result of certain auditory and visual stimuli.

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The video takes the viewer through many locations featured in Hogwarts Legacy, including the castle itself as well as the humble Hogsmeade Village. We’ve included some screenshots below to give you a better glimpse at the location.

In the Harry Potter universe, Hogsmeade is a small village located not far from the Hogwarts castle grounds. Fully inhabited by witches and wizards, the village is a setting frequented by many characters in each book. It has also appeared in the films and some games.


Warner Bros. officially revealed some gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy earlier this year with a 14-minute presentation. In it, we got to see some snippets of combat, spells, creatures, and world exploration that can be experienced when the game eventually launches.

Since then, we’ve also caught a glimpse of the game’s open world map, as well as learned more about whether the game has multiplayer and playable Quidditch sections. It’s even been confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy is available to pre-order from the GameByte Shop from £48.95. Let us know if you’re excited to visit Hogsmeade on our social media channels.

hogwarts legacy
Credit: WB Games/Avalanche Games

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games