Netflix cracks down on password sharing in five more countries

Netflix is cracking down even further on password sharing, as five more countries become restricted.

It turns out Netflix really doesn’t like people sharing passwords with other people outside their home. In fact, doing so can result in you having to pay if you share log in information.

The company has been doing this for a while, but now even more countries are being affected. Those countries are Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Customers in these countries are being asked to pay a fee for using their account outside of their own home.

Credit: Netflix

The price could be $2.99 USD, but it varies depending on the country you reside in. However, this won’t affect Netflix on mobile devices.

Why is this being implemented?

According to Netflix, more than 100 million households use shared accounts on the streaming service. And apparently, password sharing is particularly high in Latin America. That seems to explain why that area in particular is being targeted by the company.

Earlier this year, we learned that the same kind of system would be implemented in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Customers in those countries would have to pay for viewers if they didn’t live in the same house as the account owner. And in some countries, a warning was introduced which said “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”

In other Netflix news, the company is introducing ads to the service. These will only play on a new, cheaper tier which customers can subscribe to. Existing customers will not have to see ads with their current subscription.

And earlier this year, Netflix laid off around 150 employees after it was revealed the service was losing subscribers. Subscription prices have gone up, and some of the content released on the service has been heavily criticised.

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