Netflix Confirms The Witcher Movie Is In Development

What a time to be a witcher.

Credit: Netflix

EDIT: Since the time of writing the original article, a anime movie set in the world of The Witcher has been confirmed by Netflix.

On Twitter, the official Netflix account shared the following statement: “The rumors are true, a new Witcher story is in the works! The anime film, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, will take us back to a new threat facing the Continent. Brought to you by the Witcher team @LHissrich and @BeauDeMayo, and Studio Mir the studio behind Legend of Korra.”

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Original story as follows:

Following the success of Netflix’s The Witcher’s first season, it seems a movie might be on the cards for the franchise. We already know that a second season is on the cards, with an expected release date of 2021, but we might also be getting a feature-length adventure to satiate our needs.

The rumour comes from known Witcher leaks site, Redanian Intelligence,  which claims the movie will be entitled “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.”


Credit: Netflix

It’s also claimed that the feature-length project will be animated, and will feature the talents of show writer, Beau DeMayo. Although the news is yet to be confirmed, evidence of the rumour is out there. The Writers Guild of America West site seemingly proves both the existence of a project named Nightmare of the Wolf, and DeMayo as its screenwriter.

Rumours of an animated take on The Witcher first began circulating back in November last year.

Credit: Netflix

Speaking with IGN Poland at the time, the show’s executive producer, Tomek Bagiński was asked whether he’d liked to work on an animated version of the show, to which he responded: “I don’t want to give away too much here, but who knows if we won’t see The Witcher in this style,

“However these are things I would rather not talk about too much for now.”

That sounds very telling if you ask me! Unfortunately we don’t know anything more than this, so we’ll have to wait for official word from Netflix before we start getting too excited.

Credit: Netflix

What we can get excited for is the second season of The Witcher (show). In an interview with Business Insider, The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich confirmed some of the details that the second season of the show will cover, outlining what we can expect to see.

“You’ll learn a lot more about Geralt,” Hissrich told the publication. “You’ll get to know where he came from and why he is the person he is in season one.”

Credit: Netflix

As for Princess Ciri, she’s well and truly left her previous life behind and will instead be focused on “trying to build a new family.”

The show will land on the platform in 2021.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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