NEVRlabs Unveils New Esports Hub From Revolution Esports & Alice House Hospice

Revolution Esports is partnering with Alice House Hospice in Hartlepool to launch NEVRlabs, a brand new VR technology centre.

revolution esports new hub
Credit: Revolution Esports

North East Virtual Reality Labs (or NEVRlabs for short) is a community-based gaming hub that offers virtual reality and esports experiences. The project aims to raise money for patient care services while raising Hospice awareness in local communities. The initiative will support physical and mental health through its various tech clubs and esports development services, available to all age groups.

Alice House Hospice CEO Tracy Woodall described how the NEVRlabs project came to be in a recent press statement:

After deciding to provide virtual reality experiences and therapies for our patients to
combat isolation during the first lockdown it became clear that there was so much potential to use gaming as a long term fundraising strategy

GameByte x Revolution Esports
Credit: GameByte x Revolution Esports

Tracy Woodall also explained how the initiative can provide esports opportunities for the northeast of England while helping to strengthen the Hospice’s services:

It is a growing market and the Revolution partnership enables us to provide the best equipment and experiences for local young people. We hope to attract talent from across the North East and with the support of Adam Johnson from Revolution Esports we can offer new and unique opportunities for future generations in our region.

We are very excited at this opportunity; Hospices are under significant financial pressure and we have to be able to adapt in order to survive. NEVRlabs will help to strengthen our hospice over time and secure new generations of fundraisers through having fun via gaming.

Adam Johnson of Revolution Esports also commented on NEVRlabs; potential, both as a community hub and an asset to the esports scene:

Our partnership with NEVRlabs is a great leap forward to achieving our goal as an esports organisation built around community and talent. Having the VR centre as one of our hubs enables us to really increase the experience for gamers, brands and partners across the UK and Europe. The partnership also enables Revolution Esports to help provide unique opportunities to the local community within Hartlepool.

NEVRlabs will hopefully make the world of esports more accessible while funding the vital services that Alice House Hospice provides. If you’d like to learn more about Alice House, you can visit the Hospice’s official webpage.

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Featured Image Credit: Revolution Esports