New PS4 Exclusive Samurai Stealth Game Ghost Of Tsushima Out Soon

New PS4 Exclusive Samurai Game Ghost Of Tsushima Coming Soon

Ghost Of Tsushima is a brand new PS4 exclusive samurai game that’ll be getting a release date soon. We do not yet know when the game will be launched, but we should be hearing a lot about it at E3 this year.


In this article, we’ll be sharing everything we know about Ghost Of Tsushima so far, from the gameplay and graphics to the story and game setting. We’ll also share what we know so far about what we can expect from E3.

Quick Details On Ghost Of Tsushima

  • Release date: Unknown
  • Platform: PS4 Exclusive
  • Developer: Sucker Punch
  • Past Games: Infamous, Infamous: Second Son

Ghost Of Tsushima Story And Setting – What Is It About?

Nate Fox, creative director at Sucker Punch recently mentioned that in Ghost Of Tsushima, “You explore what it is to be a samurai inside of this enormous landscape of medieval Japan.”

The game is set in the year 1274 on an island called Tsushima.

Let me set the scene for you. It’s a rural area – there are fields, tall bamboo forests, and streams of water filled with lilies. On the surface, the island of Tsushima will looks beautiful and serene. It’s the kind of place you’d want to go to retire.

Unfortunately, the peace and quiet won’t last for long. In Ghost Of Tsushima, you play as one of the very few remaining samurai warriors.

The year 1274 is an important one because it’s the year that the Mongol Empires invades Tsushima. For those interested, this island and the Mongol invasion is based on history.

For Sucker Punch, it seemed like the perfect situation for a game. Nate Fox mentioned that when they thought up the idea of making a game about the Mongol invasion of Tsushima of 1274, “It all clicked.”

Nate Fox continued by saying “Suddenly you knew who the heroes were, who the villains were, what the stakes were for the world, and you had a video game.”

Ghost Of Tsushima will be an open world experience and players will have freedom to explore the island of Tsushima as they please.

“We wanted to stay open world, because we’re giving authority and power to the player,” Nate Fox mentioned. “We didn’t want to want away from that. We think its integral to modern gaming that players are in charge.”

If it hasn’t been made clear already, Sucker Punch are working very hard to make their rendition of the island of Tsushima look absolutely beautiful, even whilst it’s being invaded.

Nate Fox said in an interview that “The artists and engineers here at Sucker Punch have brought this world to life on PlayStation 4, from tall grass blowing in the wind to the call of a far off crane, we want to make it feel real.”

Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay – What Can We Expect?

Hopefully, I have painted a picture in your mind of what Ghost Of Tsushima will look like but I’ve yet to touch on the actual gameplay.

The gameplay is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. We do know that it will be an action game at its heart.

There will be swords, longbows, and potentially other weapons used by the Mongols. We also know that there will be a Mongol leader that’ll serve as the main antagonist in Ghost Of Tsushima.

The katana will be the main weapon used by the protagonist Ghost Of Tsushima. Sucker Punch mentioned that players will need to learn how to ‘master the katana’. In my opinion, this suggests that there will be some kind of mastery or skill tree system dedicated to the katana.

I’m hopeful that there will be other RPG elements thrown into the mix as well. We don’t know if there will be traders or a currency for purchasing items, or whether players will be stuck with the gear they start with. It makes sense that players will stick with a single katana and will upgrade it over time, however.

The name ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ also means something important when it comes to gameplay. The main character will have to use the ‘Way of the Ghost’ to stand a reasonable chance at fighting the onslaught of invading Mongols.

From what we can gather, the Way of the Ghost is something that your typical samurai would never dare dabble in. It sounds like some kind of magical intervention, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

Ghost Of Tsushima E3 Showing – What To Expect

We’re hoping that Sucker Punch will spill all the beans during E3 2018. We already know that Ghost Of Tsushima will be one of the main events during Sony’s E3 conference.

We know that Death Stranding and The Last Of Us 2 will get some love and attention from Sony this year, but Sony will be giving fans just as much of a chance to learn more about Ghost Of Tsushima as well.

There have been no promises made on exactly what we’ll get to see or learn about Ghost Of Tsushima, but I’m feeling confident that we will get to see some hands on gameplay.

As for release date, we couldn’t guess. It’s hard to tell how far along Ghost Of Tsushima is but it feels like Insomniac Games has kept it under wrap for far longer than you’d originally assume.

I am hoping that we will get a launch date some point in 2019. Whatever the launch date is, it makes sense that it will be revealed during the Ghost Of Tsushima E3 2018 conference.

I doubt that Ghost Of Tsushima will be available for people to play during E3 2018, but everything we could ever want to know about the game should be unveiled.

Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer

YouTube video

We’ve included the initial reveal trailer for Ghost Of Tsushima above. What are your thoughts on Ghost Of Tsushima now that we’ve shared everything we know so far about the game?

Do you think this could become the next big RPG franchise, or perhaps it’ll just be a one hit wonder?