New PS5 console is lighter than ever, claims report

The new PS5 promises to be lighter than ever before, claims a recent report amidst Sony’s recent price hike of its new-gen console.

Earlier this month, Sony made the decision to increase the price of the PlayStation 5 disc and digital edition consoles. A move that hasn’t gone down all that well with its fanbase following an increase of about 20%.

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PS5 console has increased price in most regions

The PS5 price increase has been enforced across various territories including the UK and Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and more. However, the United States has been exempt from the price increase, a decision not yet officially explained by Sony.

Reports of Sony creating a slimmer PS5 began making the rounds in 2021. It is claimed that Sony plans to release another new model of the PS5 this September. However, it seems that the new version of this PS5 has already arrived in Australia.

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Credit: Sony

The Lighter PS5 is in the wild, apparently

According to a recent report from Australian media outlet Press Start, it is claimed that the revised PS5 disc console is 600g lighter than the original model. Furthermore, it is also claimed to be 300g lighter than an updated PS5 model released in 2021.

Additionally, the PS5 digital-only console is said to weigh in at 500g lighter than the original model and 200g lighter than the model which was released in 2021.

Does a lighter console justify the price hike?

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Could the lighter components of the most recent PS5 model be a reason for the recent price increase? We’re not sure.

However, the official story for the PS5 price increase is due to the current, global economic climate. That being said, it hasn’t stopped both Nintendo and Microsoft from maintaining its original console prices.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Source: Push Square via Press Start