Next Call Of Duty Title And Setting Reportedly Leaked

Details for this year’s instalment of the Call of Duty franchise have reportedly leaked which includes information on the next title, setting, and more.

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Credit: Activision

The claims come from Call of Duty fansite Modern Warzone, who states that this year’s Call of Duty is tentatively called “WWII: Vanguard.

As the title of the game suggests, reports claim that this year’s release will be based upon World War 2.

Modern Warzone also claims that this year’s release is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, which is quite fitting as the studio previously worked on 2019s Call of Duty: WWII.

Where this story gets interesting is that apparently being based upon WWII, the game is rumoured to be set in the 1950s. This perhaps would make little sense, seeing as World War 2 ended in 1945.

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Credit: Activision

However, the author of the article from Modern Warzone does have a couple of theories that would make some kinda sense.

The author believes that the rumoured WWII: Vanguard could be set during an alternative timeline or the story could be set after the events of World War 2.

I find this concept quite interesting, because usually when a Call of Duty game is based upon a historical war, it can sometimes be “loosely” based on some real events. 

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Credit: Activision

However, could Sledgehammer Games be taking inspiration from the likes of the Wolfenstein series with a “what if?” timeline?

Additionally, to little surprise whatsoever, the rumoured Call of Duty: WWII: Vanguard will also have an impact on Call of Duty: Warzone with weapon and progression integration.

Obviously, it is worth keeping in mind that this information is unconfirmed rumours, so we must take it with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. It’s also worth noting that “Vanguard” could very well be nothing more than just a codename during the title’s development. We previously reported on rumours that the game would be called “Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare.” If you ask me, that sounds like a much more realistic title.

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Credit: Activision

With E3 just a few months away, it hopefully won’t be long until Activision reveals all.

Are you looking forward to 2021’s Call of Duty? Do you think these leaks could be real? Let us know your thoughts!

Featured Image Credit: Activision