NieR Automata community in an uproar over newly discovered secret

Footage of a never-before-seen secret door has sent the NieR Automata community into an uproar as they try and decipher what it means.

Two days ago, Reddit user sadfutago shared NieR Automata gameplay footage that was recorded from their PS4. The footage reveals them accessing a previously unknown secret door.

Lance McDonald later shared the footage on Twitter where it went viral. And has sent NieR fans into an uproar as they try to decipher what’s going on.

The footage revealed a secret room now accessible in the Copied City, an area in NieR Automata.

After entering, there is a large ladder which leads to a twisted hallway. Revealed in another post, the hallway leads to a set of doors that open to a church. A body is presented on a slab of concrete within that church, and a flower is blooming from their chest.

“It features an unseen cutscene on top of everything else”, McDonald explained on Twitter.

“The voice-over used is recycled from elsewhere in the game. The game also for some reason has the “item” and “door” arrow prompts disabled.”

McDonald iterates that you cannot disable the small arrows that are meant to float above items and doors. Yet they are absent from the footage.

What’s stranger, is that this actually started two months ago. User sadfutago posted to Reddit asking for help to “open the church”, which confused the community. Resulting in them sharing the now-viral footage.

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YOKO TARO, what are you hiding?

An image from the NieR raid series in FFXIV
Credit: Square Enix

The footage was shared with NieR Automata Director, Yoko Taro, and producer Yosuke Saito. Their replies, instead of helping, have led to even more questions.

“Do you want to know about my insight? In that case, you can find answer at my twitter profile. Thank you”, Taro responded.

Taro’s replies to the tweet were flooded with hilarious memes and videos, as fans got more frustrated at his response.

Yosuke Saito, an Executive Producer at Square Enix who has worked on the NieR series, simply replied, “eternal mystery…”

If the footage does end up being something fake, derived from a mod created by a random fan, their responses are hilarious.

Baiting your entire fandom as you have a history of being mysterious seems like the perfect way to ramp up excitement over a new port of one of your games.

However, I’m with many NieR fans who believe something else is happening.

Twitter user TNEQL made some intriguing proposals, after watching the footage, including suggesting that the person behind the footage was Yoko Taro himself.

The name that the Reddit user behind the footage used was ‘sadfutago’, which means ‘sad twin’ in Japanese. That couldn’t just be a coincidence, as the NieR games feature sad twins in the forms of characters Devola and Popola.

This is where I’d remind you that a port of NieR: Automata, renamed NieR: Automata End of YoRHa Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 6th of October.

This entire thing could be an elaborate plot to advertise new content within the Switch edition of the game or advertise a new game set in the universe of NieR entirely.

Fans will have to wait and see if the secret door and the church behind it are a ploy by Yoko Taro, or a mod made to throw off the entire community.

As it’s NieR, nothing is impossible.

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Square Enix.   Source: Gamesradar.

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