Ninja Is Now Selling ‘Headphone-Friendly’ Hoodies

Twitch streamer and Fortnite-lover Ninja is now selling a new line of hoodies, and they’re apparently “headphone-friendly.”

According to the star, the hoodies are designed to comfortably accommodate you wearing your favourite headphones on the outside of the hood, while still ensuring you’re getting high-quality audio.

Model in Ninja hoodie
Credit: TeamNinja

In a tweet revealing the new range of hoodies, Ninja (real name Richard Tyler Blevins) said that he’s “always loved wearing my hood up with my headphones whether I’m travelling & listening to music or gaming.

Ninja continued: “So excited to be releasing my patent pending hoodie that allows you to do either of those without changing your sound quality.

At quick glance the hoodies look quite generic, other than the inclusion of the Ninja logo on the chest. However, just where headphones would likely sit with the hood pulled up, you can see thin mesh circles which would allow the sound to travel through more clearly.

In a follow-up tweet, Ninja revealed that each hoodie will come with a custom Ninja hanger. Meanwhile, all previous collection items sold by Ninja have a discount of 25%.

Personally, while some might see this as a pointless idea, I quite like the design – and to be fair, the headphone friendly design kinda makes sense.

Though for me whenever I wear headphones I prefer to wear them on the inside of the hood, especially if it begins to rain. They might be ideal for those that like to wear a headphone-and-hoodie combo indoors.

This new line of hoodies will no doubt make Ninja a pretty tidy profit, and at the time of writing, the Pink hoodie has already sold out.

The hoodies, in the most part, seemed to have been pretty well received from Ninja’s fans and peers alike, with one fan buying every hoodie available. Now that’s dedication!

Do you like the design of the Ninja headphone hoodies? Check them out here, and let us know your thoughts by reacting to our Emoji’s below.

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Featured Image Credit: TeamNinja