Ninja: ‘My Move To Mixer Helped Other Streamers’

He Mixer’d it up.

Credit: Super Bowl 2019

Earlier this year Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins surprised the world by announcing he was moving his streams from Twitch to Mixer. Ninja, arguably one of the biggest names in the livestreaming world, hugely boosted the subscriber numbers for Mixer overnight, and has since been joined by the likes of Shroud.

At the time, Ninja’s wife explained that the move was down to the brand image the pair are working towards, tweeting: “Although the stats on @Ninja Mixer channel are amazing right now, thats not what we planned to focus on with the transition,

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Credit: Ninja

“We are stoked about it, but even if Ty had 5k viewers, we were ready and confident with this move. Aligns with what we believe in & wanted for the brand <3”

Now Ninja has elaborated more on the move during an appearance on The True Geordie podcast. 

“Let’s just look at the numbers bro, at the end of my Twitch life I was averaging like 20 to 30k viewers every single day and to literally be able to average 10,000 viewers on Mixer, it’s astounding,” Blevins said [via Dexerto].


“It’s actually incredible, I mean, I still get people who are like ‘only 8,000, only 9,000(viewers)’ and I’m like ‘homie, do you know how great that is on this platform right now?’ and it’s still growing.

Credit: Instagram/ninja

He went on to add: “Obviously the deal was great and I do love the platform, it’s incredible, but I knew – my wife and I – we went into this like we’re doing this for everyone else – and looked what happened man. We got people being re-signed to Twitch, people moving to YouTube, and now more people being signed and making deals, and that’s how it should be.”

Check out the interview in the video above.

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Featured Image Credit: Super Bowl 2019

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