Classic Pokemon Cards Are Being Re-Released For 25th Anniversary

If classic Pokemon cards fill you with joy and nostalgia for a simpler time then you’re in luck, as Nintendo has announced plans to re-release the original cards in 2021.

Kadabra pokemon card
Credit: Wizards of the Coast/Pokemon Company

Nintendo has a lot planned to celebrate the 25th Aniversary of its critter-combat franchise. From various collectable goodies to an unexpected collab with pop artist Katy Perry, it’s going to be a big year for the world of Pokemon! (We also now have a 2021 release date for New Pokemon Snap, coming to Nintendo Switch).

If you’re old enough to remember the classic Pokemon Trading Card Game then the news is likely music to your ears. Nintendo plans on re-releasing a collection of the original cards, which originally featured as part of the game’s base set 20 years ago.

According to Pokeguardian, the new collection will come as eight “first starter packs” releasing from February through to October. The packs will contain starter Pokemon from all regions, meaning fans of all ages will be able to relate.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo thinks re-releasing old Pokemon cards is a wise business investment. Original Pokemon cards are both highly collectable and often extremely valuable.

Despite being simply a piece of cardboard with some artwork printed on it, Pokemon cards such as this original Pikachu card can apparently fetch up to one million dollars! 

While the Pokemon TCG might be thing of the past to some, the game is still alive and well today. The Trading Card Game even branched out with a board game edition to help young’uns learn the ways of play. It released last year and has helped to introduce the game to new players with its easy-to-grasp instructions.

Over 30.4 billion Pokemon cards have reportedly been sold as of March 2020. The game also still has a thriving competitive scene, which spans from locally organised tournaments to official championship series tournaments.

logan paul with pokemon card
Credit: YouTube:Logan Paul

Whether you’re a Pokemon card avid, or just enjoy collecting pictures of cute monsters, Nintendo’s decision to recreate some of the game’s most iconic cards will be highly welcomed by many.

When the classic Pokemon cards do release, it’s likely they’re going to be almost as hard to get hold of as their original counterparts (though probably a lot cheaper)! If you happen to see them for sale, it’s probably a good idea to snap them up.

As for whether they’ll be worth the money…who knows? Perhaps these cards will become highly collectable, or perhaps they’ll inspire their buyers to actually try the game they’re based on. Regardless, these pieces of gorgeous cardboard are sure to bring a lot of joy upon release!

Are you looking forward to the re-release of the classic Pokemon cards?

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Wizards of the Coast