Nintendo Switch OLED Revealed But It’s Not What You Were Expecting

Nintendo has announced a brand new model of the Nintendo Switch, but it’s not the pro version that many were hoping for.

Instead, this new model arrives with a larger, updated OLED screen. Clocking in at 7″ diagonally, the screen is a touch larger than the one found on the original Nintendo Switch.

Credit: Nintendo

OLED screens are usually seen on smartphones and some TV’s. They offer much brighter visuals and a starker contrast. The one on this new Switch will surely make your games look brighter and better than ever before. The PS Vita used to use an OLED screen and games really popped on there.

Though the screen is slightly larger, the actual footprint of the device is similar to that of its predecessor. The bezels on the edge of the screen are far slimmer, which should make for a slightly more immersive gaming experience.

A similar body size also means that you wont need to purchase new JoyCons for the new console. The ones already available for the Switch will work on the Nintendo Switch OLED. Well, if they haven’t succumbed to the dreaded drift, that is.

What else is new?

Other upgrades include an adjustable stand that seems as though it will actually function this time around. It spans the whole length of the handheld console and can be changed to accommodate different viewing angles. It certainly looks far better than the one included on the original console which only had one adjustment angle and would often fall off under the smallest of pressures.

Credit: Nintendo

We’re also treated to some slightly better audio with larger speakers placed to the bottom of the console. We can’t attest that they’re any better than the last one, though – we’re taking Nintendo at its word on that one.

If you’re a docked player, you’ll enjoy the inclusion of a wired LAN port included in the updated dock. Fans of Super Smash Bros. will finally have to stop blaming their defeats on lag with the Switch OLED.

As far as we’re aware, there are no tangible hardware upgrades included with this new model of Switch. Games will likely run just as well as they did on the Switch and Switch Lite.

The battery life is rated at the same size as before, and Nintendo says that the new model should last just as long as the other models. However, running the console at its highest brightness is likely to eat into that more than we’re used to.

Where is the pro model?

Gamers have been hoping for news of an updated Switch model for months. With the first Switch now four years old, it’s starting to show its age in some games. Recent rumours and leaks have pointed towards a ‘Pro’ model of the Switch releasing later this year, but Nintendo is yet to announce anything officially.

This OLED model certainly seems akin to something like the DSi XL range which offered a screen size bump with similar internal hardware. While an upgrade, it’s certainly not the Pro model many were hoping for that improves performance and resolution.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be available to purchase in either white or black variations on October 8th, alongside Metroid Dread.

Featured image credit: Nintendo