Nintendo Will Delete Your Saved Data If Your Online Subscription Stops 

Nintendo Switch’s online services are about to launch on the 19th September 2018 which means we have a tonne of new details about what we can expect from the launch. 

An FAQ on the official Nintendo website has revealed something that people aren’t too pleased about, as it looks like any save data in the cloud will be deleted if you cancel or end your online subscription. 

The FAQ confirms: “Save data stored with Save Data Cloud cannot be kept outside of the duration of your Nintendo Switch Online membership.  

“Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online also uses the Save Data Cloud, so the same applies. However, if you keep the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online save data saved locally on your Nintendo Switch console, then you can use it again if you purchase another membership.” 

In contrast if you’re a PlayStation gamer than you have a six month period following the cancellation of PlayStation Plus before your data is deleted, giving you a chance to change your mind (or chase up your bank to find out why your direct debit didn’t go through).

For Xbox One users your data is saved in the cloud even if you don’t have a subscription to its online services, which is ideal tbh.

Find out more about the online services in the video below.

YouTube video

That being said, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription is a lot cheaper than the likes of the PlayStation Plus service, though of course you’re getting less bang for your buck. 

12 months of Nintendo Online will set you back £17.99 for an individual membership or three months will cost £6.99. 

Unlike PS Plus you won’t get monthly freebies, but you will get access to a bunch of online NES games and – of course – you’ll be able to play games like Mario Kart online. 

Not all games – including Splatoon 2 – will actually support the cloud saving feature which is a bit of a shame, but who knows, maybe this is the future of Nintendo.

What do you think of the upcoming online services from Nintendo? Will you be subscribing?