Nvidia PC graphics cards are almost as big as PS5 consoles

The new Nvidia PC graphics cards are huge, almost as big as PS5 consoles. So, it looks like you’re going to need a bigger case.

As reported by Kotaku, Nvidia has recently announced its 4000-series GPUs, not only are these things huge, but they also consume a lot of power too. When we say they’re almost as big as a PS5 console, we are seriously not exaggerating.

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How much power do the cards require?

According to the report from Kotaku, in a comparison video from the YouTube channel, JayzTwoCents, the 4000-series GPU cards from Nvidia will require 1,000W, as a minimum.

So not only will you likely need a larger PC case, but you might have to take extra measures to stop your PC from overheating.

Credit: JayzTwoCents

Kotaku also claims that going forward, cards running at around 750W will likely be a thing of the past. Furthermore, it seems that GPU cards exceeding 1000W could soon be the norm.

Additionally, as highlighted in the report from Kotaku via Digital Trends, Nvidia’s lighter “Foundation Edition”, apparently consumes around 850W. However, that is only said to cover cards such as “MSI, PNY and Galax”.

Graphics cards will bump up the bills!

Credit: JayzTwoCents

As if it wasn’t bad enough that quality graphics cards are not as easy to acquire at the regular RRP nowadays, it seems that we can expect an increase in our household bills too. That being said, there were reports of graphic card stock supplies improving as well as prices becoming the lowest in years. So, at least there is some hope.

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Featured Image Credit: JayzTwoCents/Source: Kotaku