Player Beats Halo 3 On Hardest Difficulty With Guitar Hero Controller

Big energy.

Credit: 343 Industries

If there’s one thing I love it’s players who complete their favourite games in unique and impressive ways, and that’s just what Reddit user and gamer ATwerkinYoshi has done with the help of a Guitar Hero controller (also, kudos on the username).

As spotted by ComicBook, ATwerkinYoshi took to Reddit to share footage of himself completing Halo 3 on its hardest difficulty mode, using nothing but a Guitar Hero controller.

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Credit: 343 Industries

According to the dedicated player, the feat took a month to get right, though this isn’t the first time he’s mastered a game in a way that developers didn’t plan for.

ATwerkinYoshi’s YouTube channel shows off even more of the gamer’s skills, as he tackles Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller and plays Code Vein using a Dance Dance Revolution dance mat.

Keep up the great work, ATwerkinYoshi! Check out more of the zany videos right here.


Speaking of weird and wonderful ways to beat games, a player recently managed to beat Pokemon Sword and Shield using only a Wooloo.

A player by the name of Celvx trained up a Wooloo and took on the world to become the new champions of the Galar region with everyone’s favourite fluffy sheep.

Credit: Nintendo

In an interview with Polygon, Celvx said: “I choose Wooloo because it was available from the start of the game and had almost become a sort of psuedo-mascot for the game, with a lot of fan art for Sword and Shield featuring Wooloo,

“I chose Scorbunny [for my starter] and threw it in the PC boxes as soon as I could.”

The Wooloo used to beat the game shows that made it all the way to Level 100, boasting a very tidy 217 HP.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries

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