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Player Beats Halo 3 On Hardest Difficulty With Guitar Hero Controller

If there’s one thing I love it’s players who complete their favourite games in unique and impressive ways, and that’s just what Reddit user and gamer ATwerkinYoshi has done with the help of a Guitar Hero controller (also, kudos on the username).

As spotted by ComicBook, ATwerkinYoshi took to Reddit to share footage of himself completing Halo 3 on its hardest difficulty mode, using nothing but a Guitar Hero controller.

Credit: 343 Industries

According to the dedicated player, the feat took a month to get right, though this isn’t the first time he’s mastered a game in a way that developers didn’t plan for.

ATwerkinYoshi’s YouTube channel shows off even more of the gamer’s skills, as he tackles Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller and plays Code Vein using a Dance Dance Revolution dance mat.
YouTube video

Keep up the great work, ATwerkinYoshi! Check out more of the zany videos right here.

Speaking of weird and wonderful ways to beat games, a player recently managed to beat Pokemon Sword and Shield using only a Wooloo.

A player by the name of Celvx trained up a Wooloo and took on the world to become the new champions of the Galar region with everyone’s favourite fluffy sheep.

Credit: Nintendo

In an interview with Polygon, Celvx said: “I choose Wooloo because it was available from the start of the game and had almost become a sort of psuedo-mascot for the game, with a lot of fan art for Sword and Shield featuring Wooloo,

“I chose Scorbunny [for my starter] and threw it in the PC boxes as soon as I could.”

The Wooloo used to beat the game shows that made it all the way to Level 100, boasting a very tidy 217 HP.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries