YouTuber Plays DOOM On A Digital Camera From 1998

Why not.

Credit: id Software

It’s a bit of a meme that id Software’s iconic 1993 FPS, DOOM, can run on basically anything. DOOM can even be played on a McDonald’s cash register, but what about a digital camera?

YouTube channel LGR recently decided to try and get DOOM running on a 1998 Kodak digital camera – with surprisingly impressive results.

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Credit: id Software

In the video, which you can watch below, LGR gets the game running very smoothly, controlling the movements and gun using the camera’s settings buttons.

Honestly, it’s seriously impressive to see just how many things can run DOOM.

In the video description, LGR writes: “Ever wanted to play the original DOOM on your digital camera? I sure have! At least ever since I learned about Digita OS cameras like the Kodak DC260. We’ll also play some MAME arcade games and MP3s, too!”


Check out the full video above, and if you’re not familiar with LGR’s channel, it’s a must-watch if you love your old tech, video game thrifting or snarky Sims 4 takes.

Credit: id Software

ICYMI, earlier this year 19-year-old Ryan Edgar wanted to find out if DOOM would run on a cash register. Through a series of experiments, the budding tech wizard actually managed to get DOOM running in what he calls a “pretty simple process.”

Speaking exclusively to GameByte, Ryan explains just how the impressive feat was achieved, explaining: “Essentially what I did was download ‘ZDOOM,’ (DOOM version compatible with XP) on my personal computer, moved all of the files to a folder on a flash drive, then plugged it into the cash register and ran it from there.

“It was a pretty simple process, and it runs DOOM perfectly.”

What can we get DOOM to run on next?

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Featured Image Credit: id Software

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