PlayStation Plus Games For October Apparently Leaked Early

Though we’re still waiting on confirmation from Sony, it appears that the PlayStation Plus games for October have seemingly leaked.

According to a leak on Dealabs, the free PS4 games will be Mortal Kombat X and PGA Tour 2K21 [via VGC]. On the PS5, you’ll be able to claim Hell Let Loose, which hasn’t even been released on consoles yet.

The person who posted the leak has a good track record for accurately leaking the monthly PS+ games. They correctly predicted last month’s offerings a few days before the announcement, too.

Sony will likely make an official announcement in the next few days to confirm this lineup of games for PlayStation+ members. The leaker, billbil-kun, then claims that the games will remain free between October 5th and November 2nd.

What are we getting this month?

The line-up seems like a relatively good one this month and will likely be a delight to PlayStation fans. This month, we’re currently being treated to Overcooked, Hitman 2, and Predator: Hunting Grounds. You’ve still got a few more days to redeem those if you haven’t already.

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Mortal Kombat X is NetherRealm’s entry to the fighting series from 2015. While not the most recent release, it’s still one of the better ones in the series. It holds an 83% score on Metacritic.

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PGA Tour 2K21 is the most recent PGA Tour game to have released. It has an extensive career mode that lets you compete to become a FedExCup Champion. There’s also multiplayer, so if a couple of your mates also have PS+, up to four of you can join each other on the green.

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Finally, Hell Let Loose is the PS5 offering for this month. Only recently let out of early access on PC, it’s set to make its console debut on 5th October. That might explain why the announcement from Sony is arriving so late! Developed by Black Matter, it’s a WW2 shooter that’s capable of depicting up to 50v50 battles. Players can take control of infantry, tanks, and artillery in an experience that’s much more tactical than your typical Call of Duty.

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[Featured Image Credit: Sony]