Classic PlayStation Plus Games Might Be The Worst Versions

It’s looking like some classic PlayStation games that are coming with the revamped PlayStation Plus are running at 50hz, rather than the faster 60hz.

As reported by VGC, it’s looking like some  classic PlayStation and PSP games aren’t running as fast as they could be. For the younger audience, back in the day different regions would have games running at different frame rates.

For the EU, that was PAL, where it would run at 25 FPS. And in America and Japan, it was NTSC, which would run at roughly 30 FPS. For some reason, it seems like newly added classic PlayStation games have opted for the slower PAL version.

According to one user playing the PSOne version of Ape Escape on the Indonesian PS Store noticed it was probably the PAL version, as the opening credits Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. VGC was also able to confirm that games like Everybody’s Golf and Wild Arms also used the PAL version.

not all games are pal

Oddly though, that doesn’t appear to be the case for all games. Titles like Tekken 2, Syphon Filter, and Abe’s Oddysee all use the NTSC version of the game. While Indonesia does use the PAL format, for comparison VGC was able to verify that Taiwan, an NTSC region, was still issued the PAL versions.

Credit: Sony

For someone who’s only ever experienced the PAL version, it might not matter that much. But five frames make a surprising amount of difference, offering a much smoother gameplay experience. Of course, the service is only officially available in Asia at the moment. So it’s possible things could be different in other regions.

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The new PlayStation Plus was revealed back in March. And just last week, Sony showed off a selection of games coming to the service. For Europe, prospective subscribers can expect it to launch June 22. Though this is only a targeted launch at the moment, and may be delayed.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment