A Bidoof Bonanza!

Pokemon Announce That July 1st Is Officially Bidoof Day

The official Pokemon Twitter account has revealed that July 1st will be Bidoof Day. What’s that? You have no idea what that’s supposed to mean? Well, let’s find out why this ridiculous rodent is getting its own commemorative event!

According to the recent Pokemon Twitter post, Bidoof day is set to be a “day of Bifoofery”. While the tweet doesn’t exactly explain what that means, it does promise that we’ll find out more this Thursday:

“This news has been gnawing at us for a while…


“July 1 is now officially Bidoof Day!

Join us this Thursday for a day of Bidoofery, and stay tuned to our social channels all week to find out the many ways you can celebrate Bidoof with us. #BidoofDay

Thankfully, the Pokemon GO Twitter account has also provided some Bidoof day deets. According to a post on the Pokemon GO website, the event will feature a ton of Bidoof themed bonuses and events:


Pokemon GO Bidoof Day Features

  • Features that are available throughout the Bidoof Breakout event will be available on Bidoof Day.
  • Bidoof will be appearing in the wild at an incredibly high rate! Bidoof will also be the only Pokémon you can challenge in one-star, three-star, and even five-star Raid Battles! If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Bidoof! Mega Raids will not be available during this time.
  • Bidoof caught during this time will know Superpower, and you’ll be able to use a Charged TM during the event to teach Bidoof Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, or Thunderbolt. After the event, you can use an Elite Charged TM to teach Bidoof Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Superpower, or Thunderbolt.
  • Team GO Rocket Grunts will have Shadow Bidoof on their teams more often. Get out there and save those Bidoof!
  • The Bidoof Cup will be available in the GO Battle League throughout the day! Only Bidoof will be eligible in this cup, and teams of only Bidoof will be allowed. The Master League, the Master League Classic, and the Element Cup will still be available during this time.
  • Complete a free event-exclusive Special Research story for special rewards! This will be the first Special Research in which you’ll make choices that’ll affect the research’s story and some parts of your event experience!
  • Complete the research to earn an exclusive Bidoof Hat avatar item.
Pokemon Go Bidoof
Credit: Niantic

What actually is a Bidoof?

So, if you’re not up to speed with your pocket monsters, you might be wondering what Bidoof actually is. Well, the normal type Pokemon first made its debut in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, which released on the Nintendo DS back in 2006. Put it this way, if you’re familiar with the classic Game Boy Pokemon games, Bidoof is basically filling in for Rattata. I mean, something needs to overpopulate the starting route of every Pokemon game, right?

Hopefully, we’ll find out more about Bidoof day this Thursday. While Niantic seems to be prepared for the big day, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the Pokemon franchise celebrates this underrated, buck toothed beaver.

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Featured Image Credit: Niantic