Pokemon Unite – What Are Boost Emblems and How To Use Them

Pokemon Boost Emblems are the latest addition to the popular MOBA Pokemon Unite. Added in the first year anniversary update on July 21st, this ‘rune-esque’ mechanic has changed the meta of the game forever. This guide will go over what boost emblems are, strategies for an effective loadout, and how to earn more to be the very best. 

What Are Boost Emblems?

Fans of League of Legends may think this new mechanic sounds pretty similar. And they’d be right! There are a few similarities between the Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems and the old League of Legends Runes/Mastery system. 

Boost Emblems are a way of bringing the Nature mechanic into the MOBA from the mainline games. Each Boost emblem has a positive and negative effect. For example, some might increase attack, whilst decreasing defence. This is similar to if your Pokemon has a Lonely nature in the mainline RPGs.

How To Get Boost Emblems

Many fans were asking for a way to spend their Aeos coins, and Boost Emblems definitely have provided an answer. You can obtain Boost Emblems through the game’s gacha system, Aeos Energy. To pull the gacha, you’ll need to fill up an Energy Tank, which you do via battling. As standard, players will now be set to receive Boost Emblems rather than fashion items by default. Of course, you can always switch by tapping on Fashion on mobile, or pressing R on Nintendo Switch. 

Of course, there is the fact that this system can be bought. If you purchase an Energy Boost Tank for 50 Aeos gems, or an Energy Boost Tank (x4 Speed) for 200 Aeos gems, you can fill your tank faster. But of course, this is a ‘time-saving’ thing, not a ‘more energy’ thing. 

Here are the rates at which you’ll receive energy without any Energy Boost Tanks. 

  • Ranked Match – Win: 40 Aeos Energy / Loss: 30 Aeos Energy
  • Standard Battle – Win: 30 Aeos Energy / Loss: 20 Aeos Energy
  • Quick Battle – Win: 20 Aeos Energy / Loss 10 Aeos Energy

Reminder: if you’re a Free-to-Play Trainer, you’re limited to 1,400 Aeos Energy per week. Once you reach the 1,400 Aeos Energy limit, you have 2 options:

Wait until Monday when the counter resets back to 0/1,400

Purchase an Extra Energy Tank for 200 Aeos Gems

All emblems are available as an Energy Reward and are rewarded at the following percentages:

  • Bronze -88%
  • Silver – 10%
  • Gold – 2%

How Do I Upgrade My Boost Emblems?

To upgrade your Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite, you will need to get 3 copies of the same emblem. Once you have done that, return to the home screen and click ZR. You can then see Pokemon Boost Emblems as an option on the left, below Pokemon and next to Closet. Click on that and you’ll be able to see all the Emblems you currently own. Click on an Emblem, and if you have 3, you will see the option to Merge to a Silver or Gold Boost Emblem. You can see how many you have of a specific Boost Emblem in the bottom right corner.

This is where it gets a bit confusing. You might think that once an Emblem is Merged, it evolves into its next-stage evolution. This is not the case. A Bulbasaur emblem cannot be evolved into an Ivysaur emblem. Upgrades are only through the Bronze, Silver and Gold stages.


Another important caveat: Whilst a Venusaur would definitely destroy a Bulbasaur in a 1v1 battle, a Venusaur Emblem would not be more powerful than a Bulbasaur Emblem. All’s fair in the game of Emblem and War. 

That being said! All Emblems in the same evolutionary line increase the same amount of stats, they just have different negative effects. For example: Bronze Bulbasaur has a negative effect of -30 HP / + 1.5 SPA, while Bronze Venusaur has a negative effect of -1 ATK / +1.5 SPA. Serebii.net has a list of all Emblem effects

It costs 100 Aeos Coins to merge your Emblems. Good news – merging Bronze Emblems into Silver has a 100% success rate. Bad news – merging 3 Silver emblems into 1 Gold emblem only has a 40% chance of success. It’s not the worst thing ever though – if your Merge fails, you’ll get your emblems back, but you will not receive a refund of your Aeos coins.

What Is the Colour Effect?

Every Emblem has a colour attached to it. This is the MOBAs way of bringing Types into the game, albeit slightly different from what fans of the mainline games are used to. If you attach multiple of the same colour of Emblem to your Pokemon, you will get an additional boost based on that colour. This is called the Colour Effect.

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