Pokemon Unite: Which Emblems Have a Colour Effect?

The Pokemon Unite Emblems System were introduced in July 2022 as a new way of playing the popular mobile and Switch MOBA. This system takes loose inspiration from the old ‘runes’ system from League of Legends, giving players a way to boost their Pokemon’s stats.

Pokemon Unite emblems

In short, it’s a way of bringing Natures from the mainline games into the spin-off MOBA. Players can attach these Emblems to their Pokemon in a set of three loadouts before the match to reduce redundant stats, and give themselves the edge in the match. 

Before you continue, we recommend that you check out our Boost Emblem overview guide, as well as our explanation on what the colour effect can do.

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Colour Effect… Effects

Red – Increase Attack Speed

  • Equip x3 – +2% Basic Attack Speed
  • Equip x5 – +4% Basic Attack Speed
  • Equip x7 – +8% Basic Attack Speed

Green – Increase Special Attack

  • Equip x2 – +1% Special Attack
  • Equip x4 – +2% Special Attack
  • Equip x6 – +4% Special Attack

Blue – Increase Defense

  • Equip x2 – +2% Defence
  • Equip x4 – +4% Defence
  • Equip x6 – +8% Defence

Purple – Increase Special Defense

  • Equip x2 – +2% Special Defence
  • Equip x4 – +4% Special Defence
  • Equip x6 – +8% Special Defence

White – Increase HP

  • Equip x2 – +1% HP
  • Equip x4 – +2% HP
  • Equip x6 – +4% HP

Black – Reduce Cooldown Period

  • Equip x3 – +2% Move Cooldown Reduction
  • Equip x5 – +4% Move Cooldown Reduction
  • Equip x7 – +8% Move Cooldown Reduction

Yellow – Increase Movement Speed (Out of Combat)

  • Equip x3 – +4% Movement Speed (out of combat)
  • Equip x5 – +6% Movement Speed (out of combat)
  • Equip x7 – +12% Movement Speed (out of combat)

Pink – Reduce Hinderance

  • Equip x3 – -4% Hindrance Duration (Tenacity)
  • Equip x5 – -8% Hindrance Duration (Tenacity)
  • Equip x7 – -15% Hindrance Duration (Tenacity)

Orange – Increase Attack/Critical Hit Ratio

  • Equip x2 – +1% Attack
  • Equip x4 – +2% Attack
  • Equip x6 – +4% Attack

The best thing about Pokemon Unite Emblems is that you can mix and match to find your perfect custom loadout! For example, you may use a lot of Basic Attacks on a Special Attacker, so you might choose to reduce Speed or Defense to reduce the negative impact on basic attack damage. Let us know what your perfect loadout is across our social channels. 

For a breakdown of which Emblems are assigned which colour, click here.