Prince Harry Tells Children To Play Minecraft, Not Fortnite

Coming down from the high of his summer wedding to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is getting back to reality (well, Prince-reality) by continuing his royal duties.

The Prince and Markle recently visited Brighton, where the duo met with school pupils to talk about…school stuff?

Of course though, as this is 2018, all the kids wanted to do was talk about Fortnite.

According to reports, kids welcomed the Duke and Duchess by recreating one of the best Fortnite emotes – yes, they flossed for the royal couple.

Harry is said to have talked to a bunch of Year 4 pupils (around age eight) about the Epic Games title, with one youngster saying of the Prince: “He asked how old we are. We said that we were eight and he said, ‘You guys shouldn’t really play Fortnite.'”

Prince Harry then supposedly went on to “encourage them to find other games to play like Minecraft.” [via Hello].

Another child reportedly told the cameras that Harry had asked the kids “What is wrong with parents?” wondering how the eight year olds were permitted to play the age 12+ game.

A Year Four teacher also added: “[Prince Harry] was saying that it’s a concern of his, children playing the game before they are allowed to. We were saying that as a school it’s a concern for us too.”
With Fortnite being the It-game right now, it’s getting harder and harder for parents and teachers to keep their kids away from the title. Even if they are underage…
Fortnite certainly does look kid-friendly, with its bright colours and llamas, but slaughtering your pals? Definitely not the best game for younger players.
Fortnite has also been cited as one of the reasons why video game addiction is now being recognised by the World Health Organisation, for the first time ever.
Maybe Prince Harry’s onto something here…