Reports say Esports in Schools is Improving Attendances

Over the decades, videogames have been poorly blamed for numerous spouts of violence and mental health issues by politicians often looking to divert unwanted media attention elsewhere, but that’s a conversation for another day.  So for today, let’s focus on one of the many positives that videogames can bring, esports in schools in particular.

eSports in Schools
Credit: Epic Games

As reported by Extreme Networks and eCampus News, it has been discovered that schools which have relations with eSports, not only have improved attendances, but have also been gaining improved GPA (Grade Point Average) scores.  The studies taken from 281 surveys conducted by technical and administrative leaders from higher education across Europe, North and Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, have largely been providing positive results across the board, all of which have a dedicated eSports program.  The results have also encouraged 71% schools that do not have an eSports program, to now consider getting involved.

The dedicated eSports programs have found to improve job skills such as working together as a team, using initiative and gaining confidence, as well as helping to open doors for students wanting to have a career in games development, cyber security and more.  Some schools are even offering scholarships to attract eSports talent looking to get into the world of competitive gaming.

eSports in Schools
Credit: Psyonix

Dr. Kristy Custer, who has been heavily involved in the studies, related to the use of eSports in schools, had this to say “Students with chronic absenteeism who do not feel a connection to the school especially benefit from eSports. Eighty-two percent of students on our team have never participated in an extra-curricular activity prior to offering eSports.

What do you make of these studies?  Would you like to see an eSports programs introduced into your school or college?  Let us know across our social media channels.

Esports has also made one Mum encourage her son to drop out of school and pursue gaming as a career.

Featured Image Credit: Overwatch League and Activision Blizzard