Resident Evil 4 Mod Makes The Game Look Incredible, Out Next Week

A Resident Evil 4 HD mod is on the way next week, and it just got a new trailer showing it in action.

Some HD mods take a little more effort than others. You might find one that simply ups the frame rate to 60FPS. Others go a bit further. This Resident Evil 4 HD mod goes that extra mile, and then some.

The project, simply titled Resident Evil 4 HD Project, has been in development for over seven years. And it’s out next week, February 2. Not only did it take so long, but the modders estimate it took a combined total of 12,000 hours to make. And it cost just under £12,000 to make in that time.

YouTube video

Now, most mods are normally made for free, and usually don’t cost anything to make. But the modders actually travelled to some of the places Capcom visited for photography and texture references. This allowed them to replace some of the 2D assets in the game with updated 3D assets. The trailer really shows off the game in a great light, with any changes mostly being unnoticeable. Overall the mod looks so good that it could convincingly be sold as an early PS3 era game.

If you want to learn more about the mod, or how you can download it, you can check out the mod’s website

Resident Evil enthusiasts really can take things to the next level. Another group of fans are working on a remake of the original Resident Evil. And a second set of fans are making a Code Veronica remake. It’s a reminded that players have a lot of desire to see their favourite games reimagined, even if Capcom itself isn’t interested.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom