Resident Evil Netflix season 2 ‘very unlikely’, claims source

Resident Evil Netflix season two is looking very unlikely to be renewed on the streaming platform, that’s at least according to a source.

Fans of the iconic survival horror series haven’t had much look when it comes to movie and TV adaptations. Fans have had to make do with the Paul W.S Anderson movies as well as Welcome to Raccoon City.

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Resident Evil Netflix series wasn’t any better

However, earlier this year we had a new live-action adaptation to look forward to from Netflix. While the synopsis revolving around Lance Reddick’s version of Albert Wesker, and his two daughters showed some promise, ultimately, many fans were feeling let down.

Showrunner Andrew Dabb promised much to fans including that the Resident Evil Netflix show is canon to the video games. Consequently, we got to see some Lickers, a giant Spider, Dr Salvador (or a version of) and more.

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Is Resident Evil Netflix really canon?

To give this series some credit, for the most part, its creatures looked really good. However, in terms of this series being “canon”, it felt many appearances were simply there to remind fans, that this was a product using the RE licence.

After all, other than loosely explaining an Albert Wesker plot hole, there’s no explanation as to why most characters and creatures are in this series. They’re just there.

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In my opinion, the producers can say that this series is canon all they want. However, I find it difficult to accept that some of the series’ characters and creatures are really linked to those seen in the video games. I feel that the term “canon” was used to entice fans.

That being said, while this series wasn’t completely disliked by everyone, it wasn’t very well received on aggregate websites such as Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of writing, the Resident Evil Netflix series has a critic score of 55% as well as an audience score of 27%. Whereas IMDB has a score of just 3.9/10.

So, with that in mind, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that season two might not happen. This is despite Andrew Dabb’s desire to find a way to include recent fan-favourite Lady Dimitrescu in future episodes.

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Will season two happen?

A report from Small Screen, claims to have been informed by a source that season two is very unlikely to happen at this stage.

The second season [of Resident Evil] is looking very unlikely at the moment. Still no official decision on it yet. [The] show’s fate is hanging by a string,” claimed the source.

Obviously, we must take all rumours and speculation with a pinch of salt. However, as mentioned above, considering the reception of this series, season two being in doubt should come as no surprise.

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In related RE news, Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake and it has a release date of March 24th, 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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