Resident Evil Village Could Have Randomised Difficulty Mode

According to Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer1, Village will have an additional randomised difficulty mode.

Included in the Resident Evil 7 DLC “Banned Footage Vol.1” was an additional difficulty mode called “Ethan Must Die” and it seems that this mode might be making a return in Resident Evil Village.

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Credit: Capcom

In the Ethan Must Die mode, Ethan must make it from the Yard entrance of the Baker compound, through the main house, and all the way to the Greenhouse to face the mutated form of Marguerite.

The difficulty of the Ethan Must Die mode is increased, however, what makes this mode particularly more challenging is the randomised enemies and weapons.

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Ethan Must Die also has no checkpoints, so if you die it’s game over, and you’re thrown back to the very beginning.  This was a fun mode that required a lot of patience but once you learned strategies, it was one that you could progress with.

So I’m sure many fans will be happy to know that this mode might be making a return in Resident Evil Village.  In a series of two tweets, AestheticGamer1 said:

I’m curious if they’re going to talk about this before release, and *UNLOCKABLE SPOILERS* for anyone avoiding all spoilers, but no story spoilers here, just an extra mode,

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Credit: Capcom

BUT… I’ve known for a while they toyed with making an ‘Ethan Must Die 2.0’ for village, & turned it an expansive difficulty mode in the game.

I don’t know the full details/final result of the mode, I feel they may talk about it before release, but I’m aware it makes the game more open, randomizes enemy & item placement, & scaled to be extremely difficult.

The reports of the randomised difficulty mode have also been backed up by Gamesradar. Though these are just rumours at this stage, so it’s unknown for sure as to whether this mode will be included in the base game.  

I would assume that much like Resident Evil 7, the mode will be included in additional DLC for RE Village.

Today, April 15th, is the second Resident Evil showcase event where we will see more of Resident Evil Village, and the second playable demo is also expected to launch.

The showcase event will begin at 11pm UK time, 6pm EST/3pm PT.

Resident Evil Village releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 7th.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom