More Heisenberg or Nicholai? Yes pelase!

Resident Evil Voice Actor Hints They May Return For A New Game

A Resident Evil voice actor has hinted that they may return for a new game in the series. This news has sparked some excitement amongst fans.

As reported by VGC, when speaking on the Awfully Irish Podcast, voice actor Neil Newbon teased that he may return for a game. Neil Newbon voiced Nicholai Zinoviev in the 2020s Resident Evil 3 remake. Newbon also played the charismatic Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village.

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‘I do make some very good close friends that I love working with again and again sometimes,‘ said Newbon. ‘You know, Nicole and I – I can’t talk about some things, but this is not our first rodeo, and it may not be our last. We may have some other sh*t.


The actor name drops Nicole Tompkins, who voiced Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake. So, it perhaps makes sense that the duo might work together in a new game. However, it’s unlikely that the pair will feature in a remake, unless Capcom finds a way of fitting them in.

Perhaps the duo could return in the rumoured Resident Evil: Revelations 3? This could make sense because Jill was featured in the first Revelations game. Albeit Michelle Ruff was the voice of Jill at the time.

Credit: Capcom

Obviously, until we get official confirmation from Capcom, we can only speculate. That being said, the Tokyo Game Show kicks off at the end of this month. So perhaps Resident Evil: Revelations 3 may or not be revealed? Only time will tell.


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Featured Image Credit: Capcom