Revolution Esports Partners With The Music Elk To Bring Music To Competitive Gaming

Revolution Esports is partnering with The Music Elk in an effort to bridge the gap between music and gaming.

GameByte x Revolution Esports
Credit: GameByte x Revolution Esports

The partnership aims to make a new esports music label, which will showcase talented musicians from across the industry. Revolution Esports is kickstarting the initiative with the “WE’RE ON THE HUNT CAMPAIGN”, designed to seek out musical talent from across Europe.

In a recent press statement, Revolution Esports founder Adam Johnston explained the benefits of the collaboration and what he hopes it can achieve:

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Credit: Revolution Esports

One of our key aims in our organisation was to introduce more of a natural blend between esports, gaming and music. The partnership with The Music Elk enables us to achieve exactly that. Together we will announce the first esports music label working with artists directly and having specific music created for events, content, streamers and activations. Exciting times ahead and a huge step forward for the Revolution Esports brand and partners alike”.

The Music Elk’s founder, Kyle Napier, also highlighted the importance of the project and what it hopes to achieve in the esports scene:

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The Music Elk is a driven sporadic brand, that is dedicated to provide the most fitting music for anything gaming related. Our aim is to musically inspire the gaming industry and be the leading company that distributes music throughout the esports world”.

Believe it or not, music is a huge part of the esports industry. Artists like Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons and Jennifer Lopez all have stakes in the esports scene. Universal Music also has two esports enterprises, which is a testament to the importance of music in competitive gaming. Esports events are also known for their live performances, with artists like Metallica performing during opening ceremonies. 

Revolution Esports’ new partnership with The Music Elk will provide a platform to fresh talent in the industry, merging two worlds with a vast amount of creative potential.

You can learn more about The Music Elk at the brand’s official website.

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Featured Image Credit: Revolution Esports