Sealed Super Mario 64 Copy Is The First Game to Sell for Over $1,000,000

It’s been a busy (and very expensive week) for retro video game collectors!

On Friday, a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda sold for $870,000. While this is an astronomical amount to pay for any video game, the sale did set a new world record. However, thanks to a recent Super Mario 64 auction, that previously set record has now been smashed.

Best of all? The classic Mario caper has become the first game to sell for over a million dollars. Mama mia!

Super Mario 64 Auction 1 million
Credit: Heritage Auctions

That’s right, a mere two days after the previous record was set, the sealed copy of Super Mario 64 managed to fetch $1,560,000 at auction. In a recent statement promoting the listing, Heritage Auctions’ Video Game Specialist Valarie McLeckie explained why the sealed N64 game is so valuable:

“This is Mario’s debut appearance in a 3D world, and it was the most popular—best-selling—video game for the N64. “Considering this, and the fact that there are fewer than five sealed in this grade according to Wata, this copy is a true prize for any serious collector.”

super mario 64
Credit: Nintendo/Phil Hayton

Is retro gaming becoming more expensive?

It’s worth mentioning that over the past 12 months, the bar for “most expensive video game” has risen tenfold. Back in April, a sealed copy of the original Super Mario Bros sold for $660,000. However, in 2020, a similar auction fetched just $114,000. So, why are video games becoming more expensive? Well, the reasons aren’t exactly clear.

mario 64
Credit: Nintendo

Hopefully, this record-breaking auction doesn’t influence the retro gaming market as a whole. While collecting old video games can be expensive it is worthwhile, especially if you want to explore the annals of video game history.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/GameByte