She-Hulk has been review bombed already

The latest Marvel sho,w, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, has already been review bombed despite having just one episode out.

Currently, She-Hulk’s review scores are being torn between ten out of ten and one out of ten. This isn’t unusual for shows when the public can rate them via websites, but the negative scores have already been coming in hot. And according to IMDb, adult men are the ones rating the show low.

According to the website’s metrics, adult males over 30 are the most critical of the show. Meanwhile, female demographics are responding more positively across all different ages.

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This is pretty predictable, especially when considering She-Hulk features a strong female protagonist and themes of female empowerment. These factors tend to appeal more to women than men. But that hasn’t stopped certain people lashing out at it.

Marvel Criticism

Other criticisms have been levelled at the show not related to gender representation, like the CGI. Some feel it could have been done better, and this was also apparent from the trailers. Some of those zero scores fail to mention it though, focusing instead on the female characters.

It isn’t the first Marvel show to receive the review bomb treatment. Ms. Marvel was subject to the same thing, and even Moon Knight received a wave of negative reviews. The Eternals movie was criticised for simply including LGBTQ+ representation – something sorely lacking in Marvel movies.

Most Marvel shows or films have found a lot of success despite these criticisms though. And it’s nice to see them branching out into new directions and trying new things. There’s a wide variety of storylines from the history of Marvel comics they can pull from, with characters from all kinds of backgrounds.

She-Hulk’s first episode is available to watch now on Disney+. More will come out each Thursday.

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