Silent Hill ‘Project Sakura’ details leaked

Silent HillProject Sakura” details have leaked as well as high-res images seen in a recent report. Could this iconic series finally return?

Recently, low-res screenshots for a proposed Silent Hill 2 remake were leaked. According to reports, a concept idea for Silent Hill 2 was proposed to Konami by Bloober Team. This is the studio responsible for Layers of Fear, The Medium as well as Blair Witch.

The leaked images appear to feature SH2 protagonist James Sunderland in the Blue Creek and/or Wood Side apartments, as well as Brookhaven Hospital. The images were leaked by an industry insider, Dusk Golem.

However, not only have high-quality images leaked from the Silent Hill 2 remake but so too have images for a concept idea dubbed “Project Sakura”. The latter of which had images leaked earlier this year, which were quickly taken down via a DMCA by Konami.

Dusk Golem has now provided what is allegedly a project description for a proposed Silent Hill game from Bloober Team. Furthermore, multiple Silent Hill projects are said to be in development.

Here’s what a Silent hill 2 remake could look like

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Apparently, not only is a Silent Hill 2 remake in the works but so too is Silent Hill 5 as well as Silent Hill – Short Stories published by Annapurna. The leak also states that a Silent Hill 5 “PT-style” demo announcement was planned for Summer 2021. Obviously, that never came to be. However, that’s not to say that it won’t happen at some point.

Here’s what Dusk Golem had to say on the rumoured Silent Hill games:

I said this in the other thread, I’ll say it here,” began the leaker of gaming goodness.

There’s an additional Silent Hill leak that’s not related to SH2R. But to the Sakura teaser that seems like it’s about to get spread. Already saw some in possession of it, and was the thing I was hoping wouldn’t get leaked and kinda’ confirms what I suspected was leaked.

Silent Hill 2
Credit: Konami

There’s more than just a Silent Hill 2 remake

My suggestion if you want to avoid spoilers is not to look too deeply at it, the leak includes an entire story transcript of Sakura that spoils the whole thing (in Japanese, but still). I actually quite like the story of Sakura and would recommend not to spoil it for yourself if you are interested in playing it.

I know for many people there’s the curious aspect, many currently don’t believe this leak is real, but it is, & I think having the story of that spoiled sucks, & recommend avoiding it if you’re at all interested in playing the free teaser in the future.

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There could be incoming spoilers

Currently what’s in the OP at the time of writing is just a minuscule version of stuff, just a small piece, there’s… more to this, but it’s been privately circulating this morning, and if it gets fully out, know it contains full story spoilers for Sakura, which I think sucks is getting out there. You’ll see stuff I shared before, then a bunch of early stuff I didn’t.

It doesn’t include newer stuff thankfully, but this if it does fully get out there does include huge spoilers for this, in the text especially (even if in Japanese). I guess to see what those in possession decide to share publicly, but I’ll give that warning as I think many will prefer to experience it.

silent hill 2 puzzle
Credit: Konami

When could Silent Hill be revealed?

We must take all rumours with a pinch of salt. However, a lot of the details mentioned above collaborate with previous rumours. It is possible that Konami might reveal Silent Hill-related news at Tokyo Game Show 2022 next week. After all, we do know that Konami will be there.

state of play
Credit: Sony

Furthermore, Sony is also rumoured to be hosting a State of Play this month, so if the Silent Hill games are real and they are PlayStation exclusives (likely timed), it could be an ideal time to make an announcement.

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