Silent Hill Trademark Update Includes Potential VR Game

Konami has updated its Silent Hill trademark in Japan. However, what does it all mean? After all, this is familiar territory.

As spotted by Reddit user LongJonSiIver (thanks VGC), Konami has updated a number of its Japanese trademarks, including Silent Hill. The other games receiving an updated trademark include Frogger, Gradius, Tokimeki as well as The Water Margin. The trademarks were published on March 15th.

silent hills p.t
Credit: Konami/Kojima Productions

Furthermore, the Silent Hill trademark includes “game software” and “headsets for virtual reality” as well as non-video game-related goods and services.

As a big Silent Hill fan, much like you, I long for its return. Not just as a gambling machine or a multiplayer spin-off, but a proper return to its survival horror roots. However, it is very interesting that “headsets for virtual reality” has also been trademarked. Can you imagine a P.T style game in VR?

Silent Hill in VR?!

That all being said, trademarks can often mean very little. It could just be the property owner making sure that no one pinches the names of its IPs. Just like when a random fan pinched the Silent Hill website domain due to the publisher’s incompetence.

pyramid head
Credit: Konami

We all want to see Silent Hill return, but I think at this stage fans are beginning to feel numb with our hopes being constantly dashed. Hopefully, with all the rumours, there’s no smoke without fire and Konami will pleasantly surprise us, one day.

Do you think we’ll see Silent Hill return, and would you like to see it as a VR game? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Konami